Fine Art Portraits

I had the opportunity to photograph Dina Juve recently.  Not only is she stunning, she is also a successful business woman, fitness professional, and loving wife and mother.  She is  very generous in giving credit to those who have helped her professionally in life and eager to share her knowledge with others.  Her elegance and virtue  clearly shine from within.

When we shared ideas for her shoot we had many themes planned, but one of my favorite sets were along the lines of Fine Art Portraiture.

Black and white photography, fitness, beauty, glamour
Elegant fine art black and white portrait

The artistic nature of this style really lends itself to being displayed in your home. We can capture just a sliver of light along your curves which is subtle and sophisticated. Black and white photographs also embody a timeless, modern elegance.

So if you want something a little different, keep this in mind. Together we can create a true masterpiece.

– Alicia