Simple Makeup for Travel and Everyday



With everyone’s lives being so busy, I think we long for simplicity wherever we can find it.  As elusive as simplicity can be, I think I did find it in a makeup palette! This adorable set has nine eye shadows, two blushes, a matte bronzer,  one highlighter and two lip colors.  I think one key to saving time on makeup application is to avoid digging through your stash looking for what you want. Imagine just pulling out the one item and knocking out the eye, contour, cheek, and lip process all at once! The other day I took a selfie so you can see how I might create a simple look for work. This is also the palette I plan on taking to Italy with me. I heard palettes can crack during the trip, so I think I’ll lay a couple pieces of tissue paper between the flap and makeup then place in a bubble wrap sleeve. I’ll let you know how that goes! For a limited time, I’ll be carrying this adorable palette at The Mix Salon. $40





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